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Runstrike mobile game


Runstrike will someday be an acclaimed, award winning augmented reality running game, if I can ever finish a side project.

The goal is to progress through a series of challenges in a story based ARG, which provides incentive to keep running to see what happens next. The idea for the game grew and formed daydreaming while running, originally inspired by Zombies! Run and a healthy dose of 80s retro sci fi.


I built plenty of the core pieces of the game, someday I'll come back and finish it up, with the help of my amazingly talented and creative wife with whom I've crafted a pretty interesting story. Now she just owes me some writing and artwork :smile:

Here's a gif of some placeholder lore and some old artwork -


The core game mechanic is interacting with items (by running past them on your route). Missions proceed by accumulating a certain set of items that pertain to the goal of the mission. I'd like to make the missions branch with alternatives like a choose your own adventure story.

For the map I used mapbox via the react-native-mapbox-gl library, with a customized theme to incorporate my favorite neon shades. The over the shoulder view when recording was sleek, and the compass on the device would ensure the map was always aligned the direction you were facing.


Here is a shot of a completed run, with the items I picked up (& interacted with, the glowey circles and lines)

run complete

I spent a lot of time animating the components so the app felt alive & deliciously retro (old screens, but it gives you an idea) -