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Runstrike phaser tower defense

Retrofuturistic Tower Defense

Now with more Typescript

See the working defense scene here

  • Note: it's on a heroku free instance, so give it some time to wake up

Originally I had planned for a mini game to take place inbetween missions for Runstrike (see the other runstrike page). You'd gather items to craft defenses, then play the tower defense before moving on to the next mission.

This turned out to be way too much to bite off for a side project... Additionally, embedding essentially a WebView js sandbox inside React Native was pretty brittle and just didn't work very well.

Someday I'll revive this to ride the Cyberpunk 2077 wave and put it out on or something.

I had a lot of fun modeling the sprites in an object hierarchy, figuring out how to get the enemies to pathfind (what if they cant?), and working with the artist I found for the project.

tower defense