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Interlude - Blender

Some Blender practice

After the claw I realized I wanted to go a little deeper with Blender. The claw arms made me realize I don't know how to animate things at all, which would be critical for creating characters and interactions. I also wanted to continue with the arcade and create a bit of a larger world.

EV Bot

It dawned on me that the ExecVision bot would be a fun little character to try to model. He's pretty simple, it would give me a chance to try a face that isn't realistic (lots of pressure off!), and an excuse to try to rig him as well as entertain myself with mixamo!


At this point I started getting cocky and had a thought. It would be fun to make chibi style versions of me and my wife to send out for the holidays, ideally I'd also maybe try to model our new Subaru, or our house, or our cat, something interesting. I only got through my wife's head before getting distracted by my next project, but maybe next year!


Retro Arcade, Entrance

I wanted to try to work on some more architecture and was inspired by some retro abandoned malls. Eventually when I come back to the VR Arcade, you'll first need to walk through the mall to get to the arcade entrance, then exchange some tokens in order to play the games.

mall 1